Stop Victoria Park IB from Being Semestered

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Victoria Park's administration has forced the IB students to adjust to a semestered time table. They have made this decision on behalf of the students, parents, and teachers with minimal consideration of the effects on the stakeholders.

They've forced students to switch courses without consideration of our goals and aspirations. Semester one courses will finish 3 months before the start of IB exams. Students will have only a short 3 month second semester before IB exams start, which is an insufficient time to cover a full course's worth of material as well as complete IB's required IA's.

The administration has not taken the unique features of the IB program into consideration. A non-semestered model is more suited to the IB program, as compared to semestered model as the website of the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board says:  There is a commitment to concurrency of learning.  Concurrency of learning means teaching the curriculum in a schedule that consistently exposes the student to all of their subjects over the two years of the program. One school of thought is that the concurrency of learning is more suited to a non-semestered approach since the basic principle is that concurrent learning across disparate disciplines will result in a richer, more interdisciplinary learning. There are also practical considerations relating to semestering and the IB program. The IB program final examinations are held in the first week of May, unlike regular Ontario diploma courses that would have final exams at the end of each semester. Students writing higher level IB exams in a semestered school may have taken the course in the first semester, which means that there would need to be mechanisms put in place where students may need some support/tutelage in preparation for the May examinations for their first semester subjects. If the administration thinks it is difficult to run a school with both a semestered and non-semestered delivery model and really want to change it, they can select a better option that changes the whole school from current mixed model into a total non-semestered model just as the Merivale High School (under the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board) did in 2018 instead of the opposition by compromising the IB program. Otherwise, stop the change immediately.

Please sign here if you reject the forced decision, from the Victoria Park administration, of a semestered schedule.

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