Mabank TX Lakeview Elementary PTO Startup

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Lakeview Elementary is not allowing us to have the PTO. I bet you’re wondering why you should care about a PTO. Lakeview Elementary is a part of our community many of our children attend the school. By having a PTO, it allows parents and teachers to work together to give our children the best learning environment possible. A PTO is about more than fundraisers. It is a place where parents and teachers can come together and collaborate on different ways to make the school a better place. I will share with you my story and how having a PTO would have helped me.  I discovered two months ago that my child was going six hours without eating. I tried to talk to the school and kept getting ignored. After over a month of talking to them they finally said that my child can have a snack whenever she wants. The problem was not solved my child is not the only one going without eating. 63% of the students at Mabank ISD cannot afford to pay for lunch, so how can they afford to buy their own snacks. If we had a PTO, we could have parents work together to provide snacks for all the children, so that no one was left out and going hungry. When I gave the list to the school of the parents that wanted to be involved in a PTO I was told that that was not enough.  That I did not file the correct paperwork. I already have over 20 parents that are on board, but I would like to get our whole community because it takes a village.  Every time I try to work with the school I get met with a lot of red tape. I am a parent not a lawyer and I just want what is best for our children. I don’t just care about the welfare of my child I care about every child. I would like to form a PTO to help better the lives of every child and every teacher in our community. If you feel the same, please join the petition. The only time change happens is when we stick together as a community and I’m afraid that is the only way that a change will happen.

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