Support Housing Development in Victoria

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Sign this petition and tell Victoria City Council that they have made a mistake with their new affordable housing development policy,  which will result in fewer units being built, exacerbate housing issues within the city of Victoria and further contribute to the erosion of the affordability and availability of housing stock in Victoria. (Image: Times Colonist Editorial, July 2, 2019, link here).

Support the development of both affordable and market housing in Victoria by telling City Council to listen to the experts and their own consultants and change the 20% required affordable unit policy to the recommended and achievable 10%. 

The City Council of Victoria has endorsed a development policy requiring that new housing developments of a certain size contain at least 20% affordable units.  Developers, industry experts and the city's own consultant's report all agree that this 20% requirement will result in projects not being brought forward and will render proposed projects uneconomic and incapable of being built.  The city's consultant's report was very clear that a 10% requirement was the most that could be successfully implemented.  Tell City Council to listen to the experts!

Individually and collectively the council at various times have committed to evidence-based decision making.  By choosing ideology over practicality, this council has demonstrated that it is willing to ignore facts and evidence in its decision making process.  Tell City Council you demand evidence-based decision making!

The bottom line is such a policy will result in fewer homes being built, fewer affordable units being built and will compound the issues of housing affordability and availability in the City of Victoria.  Tell City Council you support an achievable affordable housing development policy!

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