Flammable Cladding. Economy Injustice

Flammable Cladding. Economy Injustice

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I'm 100% sure that I'm not the only one that suffers from owning an apartment in Victoria. Going through this pandemic is difficult enough without including the financial pressure. Now we have been slapped with flammable Cladding. VBA is working closely with the local city council to conduct a Cladding audit.
I'm an apartment owner located under Whitehorse city council.
Late 2019, we have received a request for the building to conduct a Cladding audit.
A month later, we received a notification that my building has flammable Cladding.
As a result, our Levi charges are going up by 100% as we need to raise funds to replace the Cladding and it's not cheap.
I started doing my own research. Online, phone calls to VBA, city council, local lawyer, building surveyor and many more.

These are the things that I have gathered so far.
1. Alucabond is the company that is manufacturing Cladding since 1976.
I've contacted them and am enquiring about their involvement with Cladding rectifications. They advised that they are not responsible for their product as it passed the Australian standards.

2. Contacted the builder, they also refused to be responsible for the sake of the reason as above.

3. Contacted surveyor and asked for their advice and they pretty much politely refused.

4. VBA advised that we can ask funding from local council and they will incorporate the increase of council rates.

5. Contacted my city council to confirm VBA information. They advised that they are not a financial institution and they don't have the capacity to fund Cladding rectifications. They suggested contacting banks or any financial institutions for a Cladding rectifications loan.

6. I contacted 5 banks and they all refuse to issue any loan for Cladding rectifications.

My questions..

1. Do you feel that we are paying for their mistakes?
2. Do you feel that the government has failed us and should they be responsible for paying the costs of the Cladding rectifications?
3. Do you feel the system not only broken but also unjust?

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At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!