Justice for Lara and Phoenix to be reunited

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Please sign to prevent victims of domestic violence being punished further by having their children removed. Inprison the perpetrator instead! 

On the 22/04/2016 a young woman and mother to a young child walked through Brighton, a normally safe action to be taking for anyone of any age on any public unless there is someone in your life that wants to cause you harm.

As she was walking through the busy town with pedestrians all around, witnesses to any harmful intent someone may have in mind for you her life was about to change drastically and haunting her every day .. 

Lara was that young woman, the loving mother to Phoenix, her daughter.

Lara had been victim to an aggressive man who lived to control this woman he believed to be his prize. 

Filled with rage at her having found the strength to leave him he was intent on hurting her. Lara wasn't safe wherever she may have been.

Unaware of the danger that threatened her life she walked past Brighton train station. His car was approaching from behind, he drove through her sending her now broken body through the air and into an unconscious heap on the floor.
She lay defenceless in the cold hard ground but he wasn't done with her yet. He beat her broken body, he beat her to a pulp and then threw her into the car battered and bloodied . 

This is where the paramedics found her and with their dedicated skills they managed to save her life.
But this isn't the end of this horrific story, it's the beginning. For as unimaginable a traumatic experience to survive as this was there was more harm, more pain, more unbelievable sadness Lara would have yet to endure.

Concussed, bruised and in fear for the most precious part of her life as yet untouched by the violence she'd faced, Lara was forced to make the most difficult decision she'd ever had to make.
The brutality that had threatened her life would now effect the one thing most precious in her life, her 7 yr old daughter Phoenix.
If Lara was in danger so was Phoenix, and so Phoenix had to be protected.

We'd all agree with that, if it were that simple.
Whilst concussed, while confused and fearful, Lara was advised by social services to sign her daughter over into care.
Believing that the safest place for Phoenix to be would be with her father and not into the arms of strangers, Lara signed documents giving him parental responsibility whilst she was recovering. 

Lara has recovered, she's safe and she's so much stronger for the experience.......only there's one thing missing. It's an outdated draconian law that requires a mother in danger to sign away everything she has to live for which has created this extension to the nightmare Lara is fighting to wake up from.

It's been over two years now, two years during which Lara has been kept apart from her daughter, not even her family have been allowed access to her.
The father has sole guardianship and has refused all attempts of contact between Lara and Phoenix.
There is no legitimate reason why this should be, it can only be to keep a mother and daughter apart for his own selfish needs.

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