Separate waiting area for individuals with cancer/autoimmune diseases

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I am starting a petition to bring more attention to the issue at hand for individuals who have cancer and autoimmune diseases. We have all had to go to the emergency room at some point or another, and most of us had to wait an absurd amount of time. Now imagine someone with a suppressed immune system waiting in the same room as everyone else, being subjected to the germs and sicknesses that other people are there to be seen for. With immune systems that are working against them, they should have their own space to wait where they are not being subjected to illnesses that they simply cannot afford to have. Just this week at Obici Hospital my own mother, who has stage 4 ovarian cancer, had to wait for 3 hours to be seen for what we though was a kidney stone. I have seen this happen too many times, and something has to be done for these individuals. I am proposing that a separate waiting area be put in place to protect people who are already dealing with the unimaginable. 

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