Demand the use of body cameras for all on-duty Madison Police Officers

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I am heartsick about the police murder of a yet another black man this week, George Floyd in Minneapolis. Words cannot really express my anger and frustration as the mother of two children who are African American and young adults living here in Madison. They live in palpable fear of being stopped by the police, knowing that police officers are rarely held accountable for their actions against people of color. I can only imagine the pain of being made to constantly feel inferior because of your skin color and knowing that on a daily basis your very life may be in danger.  The psychological and emotional scars must be profound.

I emailed Police Chief Victor Wahl yesterday and he promptly responded with " I personally support body cameras and would like to see them in use for all MPD officers. Several years ago, a City committee explored the issue and recommended that the City not purchase body cameras for MPD. A new committee was just formed to take a fresh look at the issue. There is a significant cost if we were to deploy body cameras with all officers (well over $1 million). So while I support expanded use of body cameras by MPD, I recognize that the City needs to get input from the community and weigh the costs with other budget priorities."

So with this feedback I am soliciting community support with a petition demanding the purchase of body cameras for all Madison police officers.