Portage County Jail Abuse Investigation

Portage County Jail Abuse Investigation

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The purpose of this petition is to demand that the duly-elected Prosecuting Attorney of Portage County, Ohio formally request an independent investigation by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) into over thirty certified complaints of horrific jail abuse and neglect at the Portage County jail.

The Portage County jail is currently operating in a state of crisis as egregious acts of abuse and neglect against inmates by jail staff have come to light. Most of these victims were being held in the jail for low-level nonviolent crimes. Among these abuses, inmates have required hospitalization for dislocated limbs and stitches for cuts, all induced by despicable practices of corporal punishment and torture within the jail.

Portage County Sheriff David W. Doak has announced his retirement, after first attempting to corrupt the investigation into jail abuse and neglect. Sheriff's Office deputies have attempted to coerce and/or intimidate complaining witnesses, and have been caught by local media outlets doctoring public records and jail surveillance video.

A concerted effort to cover-up the abuses and neglect within the Portage County jail is underway, and Portage County Prosecutor Victor Vigluicci has refused to formally request an independent investigation by BCI.

An independent BCI investigation is warranted, and demanded by the public.