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End Discrimination Against Disabled Students!

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My name is Jason M. Griesse, I am a college student and I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

In 1980, PTSD was recognized as a disorder with specific symptoms that could be reliably diagnosed and was added to the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders - Meaning it is a REAL medical disorder.

I have suffered from this horrible illness for a little over 5 years now, and have been diagnosed by a licensed medical professional as suffering from PTSD.

On the advice and recommendation of a school counselor, I contacted the Disabled Students Program and Services or DSPS office at my school for an appointment. I was given a packet of forms to fill out, which included a medical release from the licensed professional treating my PTSD and forms confirming my diagnosis and disability.

Only problem is, during my interview with the disability counselor, I was told that PTSD is not ’real’ and that my symptoms and medical problems were the result of being possessed by a demon. The disability counselor, who represents the college, went so far as to print out a pamphlet explaining how I was possessed by a demon, but if I wanted to have it exorcised, the counselor could sign me up for a seminar where exorcisms are performed.

I explained in detail the ups and downs of this horrible illness and how it has interfered with and even derailed my academic career, and had written verification from a Doctor confirming that I was ill and it affected my studies. And for each medical note I produced from Doctors and professionals, the counselor told me that it was demonic possession that was causing my problems, and that there was nothing DSPS or the college could do for me.

PTSD isn’t real, according to the DSPS office at Victor Valley College. The medically recognized illness which ruined a substantial part of my adult life and leaves me classified as Disabled, is not real in the opinion of my DSPS counselor.

I feel completely humiliated by my experienced and it has caused an intense trigger of my PTSD symptoms, causing fear and anxiety to the point that I had to completely drop all of my classes.

Please, stand with me, and demand that Victor Valley College investigate this incident and remove the employee responsible! Discrimination and ignorance are harmful and will not be tolerated from people in a position of responsibility over disabled students!



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