Mutual Agreement House Loan Repayment

Mutual Agreement House Loan Repayment

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Started by Victor Chia

** Individual Commitment **

Four of us (Sibling) will be responsible for repaying the house loans for 35 years. Below is a brief chart of individual commitment responsibility.

All of us are required to fulfill accordingly without skipping any months. Due to we are siblings/family, we are ought to help out each other when hardship falls on any of us, but we should never abuse this special treatment. Such special treatment has been given to Jeron because he is still studying. As for Anally and Marcus, both of you are expected to consistently support the repayment together with Victor in the long run.

Mom and Dad will not be supporting us after 4 years. Thus, by that time we should be independent and more than capable to contribute to the house.

** House Loan and Sacrification **

The house loan will be submitted under Victor's name because there are no benefits on getting more names under any loan repayment scheme as I understand 3 of you might have future planning such as getting married or buying your own house. Therefore, I, Victor 30-year-old today, am willing to sacrifice my credibility, my accountability, and stamp duty exemption (First-time buyer under 500K) for such an important and proud moment in our life.

** House Ownership and Responsibility **

In addition, I would also be willing to take on the responsibility of putting the house under my name. I have already thought this thru over many nights considering your seriousness in repaying the loan together. Frankly, all three of you still gave me a soft response which has affected my confidence to do this. In a reference to the Spiderman movie, Aunt May once said:" With great power comes great responsibility", I'm sure this is my destiny to do it and I hope all 4 of us will act as the pillar of our family continue supporting without grudge and jealousy.

** Future of this house and what to do with it **

Let say before/after 35 years in the future we are selling the house, regardless of whether earning or losing or none. 4 of us will get the divided amount based on a percentage of how much total individual commitment. The individual commitment will be recorded by Victor in a Google Sheet Link. All 4 of us will be given access to view and keep track.

Let say after 35 years in the future, whoever (any 4 of us) wishes to stay in this house. They can still stay in the house but bear in mind, this is a leasehold property, a renewal is inevitable for our second generation.

** Final wording and Signature **

If you agree to the above Agreement with Term and Conditions, please sign the petition as a gesture for the next big thing to happen in our family. By signing the above, you agree to comply for the sake of our family.


7 have signed. Let’s get to 10!