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Be One! Speak Out, Move out! Let the Justice begin, and make the Sexual Harassment Stop!

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Nowadays, teenagers and children are involved in sexual abuse. Women is the most affected on this case. But as time passes by, girls are not the only victim of sexual harassment because boys are also belong with this case especially the bisexual person. Sexual abuse is one of the problem in the Philippines. Why some people do it? Because of what? Some people do it because of abusive using of drugs and marijuana and because of that they commit rape.  

In our generation many teenagers experience sexual harassment both men and women. Some of them can’t speak out because of being afraid that there’s no person will believe at her/him. She/he thinks that it will affect her/ his reputation. Prevention is the best tool to eliminate sexual harassment to many teenagers.

The vision of this is to lessen the victims of sexual harassment in our country here in the Philippines.

Our mission is to give information about sexual harassment and on how they will know if they are being a victim or if they are experiencing the sexual harassment especially for those person who are below 18 years old who doesn’t have any idea about sexual harassment.

The purpose of this campaign is to provide information and to minimize human harassments specifically sexual harassment. This is to prove that everyone has a right to fight and to reach out for justice. This will help the victims, for it is often happened in our country, to resolve and to fight as a victim and as person. From their experiences they can open up the minds of every person to be aware, to make an action and to lessen this kind of issues.

This campaign aims to help the victims of sexual harassment. It contains some cases about the sexual harassments such as sexiest comments, sexual innuendoes, remarks, insulting sounds, and jokes about sex, inappropriate touching, and sending malicious photos that can be a basis of the victims that even a simplest move can be a sexual harassment. In this site there are message where they can send the story of their experiences where they want to give justice for it.

The estimated budget needed for this project will be 250,000.00php for the cost of website for the campaign and initial investment that will be needed in helping the victims.

If you are interested in this campaign and willing to help the victims or maybe you are one of the victims, you can visit our website at and contact us 889-9753 or 667-5124. You can also send a complains on our email account We promise that whatever the information is, we will keep it confidentially. Thank you and God bless.

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