Kidney scam by Fortis and other private hospital is a shame on mankind

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Today  doctors have become so greedy and inhuman that they can do anything with a patient who is lying helpless in their custody . From over-billing to wrong treatment to keeping a dead person on ventilator and then misbehaving with the relatives of the patients, are some of common things happening at the private hospitals . 

If there is a quarrel between a doctor and a patient and both call the police . The police will arrest the patient on hospitals complaint but would not even register a case against the doctor on patients complaint . 

KIDNEY SCAM where FORTIS has been caught two days back  is a burning issue but being diluted  and being swept under the carpet by police and politicians. Are poor people who are unaware of their rights , safe in the hands of such doctors and Hospitals ?

To complain a crime before the court , a victim has to pass through a rock solid barrier of police and medical council which one can never succeed in reality  and the result is that there is no hearing in the courts anywhere and crime by doctors and hospitals remains unpunished and it prospers  ( consumer courts do hear but cannot punish the criminal doctor ) 

As a result doctors are becoming monsters day by day . A few years back , the hands which patients and kins used to raise to touch doctors feet , are now being raised to slap them and hit them WHY not because people have changed but because doctors have changed . 

We need to raise our voice against injustice to common man by these greedy doctors who have become habitual offenders and easily play with human lives without deterrent and this has virtually become their lifestyle when law is not in place