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On 30th of April 2018, I was employed at an illegally practicing immigration office without realising. Edward Kang was the director of the company "Australian RSMS 457 VISA SERVICE" (ABN 35 614 569 630) located at Suite 401, Level 4, 80 Mount Street, North Sydney. My work lasted for 1 week as I came to realisation that his company was practicing illegal fraudulant activity. 

During my stay of 1 week, I was made to target-call Chinese and Indian people whose visa are less of Permanent Residency status in Australia. I was to persuade them to pay thousands of dollars in order to sign a contract which stated that they would submit a legal document in order to apply for permanent residency regardless of their eligibility or not. On my last day of work there, an Indian man called and asked if I was aware of the illegal activity, Edward Kang had committed against many visa holders by unnecessarily tempting them to switch their visa status by extolling their money only to result these people in denial of their stay in Australia due to faulty applications. I felt disgusted and humiliated that I had been used by a notorious criminal and extremely sorry for all the other nationals that I had been calling and influenced their lives because of this evil man. After this, I had to walk out, unpaid, shocked and appalled at this man who also happened to have texted swearing words and threatened me in that same evening via SMS. 


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On 14th November 2018, I received a phone call from a stranger and he told me that my mobile number was misused by an illegal poster on the community web board at www.Hojunara.com The content of the posting was that I am trying to sue a migration agent, who happened to be the caller whose name I never even heard of. Coincidentally, this person reported to me that he also had been a victim to Edward Kang's threat emails and illegal postings which had the intention of defamation. 

Next phone call came thru from a Korean male who happened to have been tricked by Edward Kang and expressed his fury over him. This person saw my number on the same illegal posting.

By that evening, another person called and asked if I had committed any a fraudulent activity as unidentified person with the Kakao Talk ID of 경찰(police in Korean) has been spreading false information which themed a very similar style to the earlier postings with my mobile phone number again.

The police report at Ryde Police has been made on 14th November 2018 and the case number is E135513002.

Please join me with this petition to STOP EDWARD KANG in his fraudster activity PERIOD.



Min Jeong Kim

0413 750 799