No Parole for Man Responsible in Sgt. Salazars Death

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Jose A. Navarro is in prison for brutally murdering my Son Sgt. Orlando Caesar Salazar. My Son served his country with honor in the U.S. Army 82nd Airborne Division with two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Navarro was sentenced to ten years and was denied his last parole May 2016 after serving five of the ten, thanks to the last petition. He is once again eligible for parole May 2018. He is serving ten years not only for attacking and killing my Son but for intoxication manslaughter on another case. Not only has he shown a pattern of violence and disregard for human life, he has taken the life of a young man who served his nation with pride and honor, and left his family with a grief beyond explanation. This letter campaign will help keep Navarro in prison for the ten years. Please help. Let's not give Navarro the chance to put another family through such a horrible and tragic life changing event. Thank You

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