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VicRoads car registration costs too high

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Every year our population grows which means we have more cars on the road. Nearly every year the cost of living goes up along with the cost of car registration but our wages remain the same.
i believe the cost of yearly registration is too high and believe it is unjustifiable. I understand that in the event of a traffic accident that the T.A.C pays you money as a result of your injuries, but having a family member myself who passed away as a result of a car accident it's not like they wait at the door to give you money. After all the legal fees and court fees you only end up with a small amount of compensation.
The money pained in traffic infringements are always spent on new police cars and even more newer traffic camera and radar technology in order to catch and bring in more money. That money could be used to repair maintain and upgrade roads as well but hey what do we know right.
I know I'm not the only one thinking this as my family has 5 cars to pay registration and i also have a motorcycle and a hobby car and the registration payment slip came for my 2001 Holden commodore and its $800.80c. I am 33 years of age now and remeber at the age of 23 the cost for yearly registration was $500 odd dollars. If the cost of registration was to be lower for example $500 that's $300.80c that a family can save and put towards a family getaway at the end of the year which every Australian is entitled to, they also stopped printing windscreen registration labels to lower the cost but the question lower costs for who?.

Most of us work hard as it is so why should we work harder to survive?
I apologise but I don't see a valid reason why I should have to pay soo much to drive my car a total of 20kms a day.
Waiting for you support and thoughts on this matter.

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