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To whom it may concern,

I recently had a matter heard at the County Court in regards to a red light fine on the 30/08/2017, although I am still not completely satisfied with the final decision on the grounds that I believe justice has still not been served. My entire reason for disputing the fine in the first place was because if I managed to get the fine lowered to $150 and I clearly proved my innocence at the Magistrate's Court, then why was I still incurring the 3 demerits as though I was guilty? I also proved at the County Court that the decision of the magistrate was an 'ex parte' decision, even though I was clearly present to accept the offer which I only accepted on the grounds that I could continue to dispute the incurring of the demerits with VicRoads outside of court. It turns out that by accepting the offer, I was in fact consenting to my guilt, even though I had already proven my innocence, and had still not paid the now reduced fine of $150. As it turns out, that even after re-appealing the matter and proving my case once again at the County Court, the judge openly admitted that he had no authority and jurisdiction over the incurring of the demerits, which remained solely in the duty of care of VicRoads. But if VicRoads were granted authority on the finding of guilt by the magistrate of a lower court even though I have already proven at the County Court that it was an ex parte decision and I had never even entered a plea in the first place but instead was persuaded into accepting an offer which resulted in the incurring of the demerits, then why didn't the judge in a higher court have the authority to overturn the decision?

For the record I have already appealed the incurring of the demerits, although I was forced to withdraw the case at the last second by VicRoads on the grounds that my license wasn't currently suspended, but I still attended the hearing anyway to which VicRoads insisted to have the matter adjourned so they could properly state their case if I didn't agree to have the matter struck out. After clarifying that both the County Court and the Magistrates Court had no authority and jurisdiction of the incurring of the demerits, I have no choice but to continue the appeal, as the judge of the County Court stated on record himself that the finding of guilt and the incurring of the demerits are two completely separate matters, and therefore must be heard separately. 

Unfortunately court fees for a Judicial Review are well over $1000, and as the fine I am still expected to pay is $150, you can't really say it's worth it to continue pursuing this case even though I have already proven in court I am innocent.  

This is more than just getting off a red-light fine, its seeking justice in a unjust system and correcting a mistake that hasn't even been admitted was made in the first place, and if we don't even stand up to the trampling of our most basic human liberties, it will give our government more of a reason to exercise unlimited power with absolutely no accountability for their actions, because we simply remained silent while we woke up one day to realize the rest of our human liberties were taken away from us.

The world is basically on the brink of the Nuclear Apocalypse, and if we don't band together to fight this war on one of the many battlefields i.e the courts, political sphere, we have already lost this war. When those we used to call our protectors yesterday, we will call our oppressors tomorrow.

Sign the petition so justice so can be served once and for all. 

The power is and always will be in the hands of the people. 

You must decide.

Yours faithfully,

Krist Tasev



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