Bring Hoppers Crossing Back Up To Speed!

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The purpose of this petition is for the community of Hoppers Crossing and surrounding areas (as well as others affected by similar issues) to have their voices heard in relation to recent speed limit drops in the area, particularly on major roads in Hoppers Crossing including Hogans Road, Heaths Road, Derrimut Road and most recently Sayers Road, one of the main exit points out of/into Hoppers Crossing.

We simply want the speed limits returned to their original state, from the newly imposed 60 km/h back to 70 km/h. The lowered speed limits feel very slow, extend driving time and have a negative impact on driver's attitude towards driving and speed limits. Even after a 6 month period to adjust to these new limits they still feel extremely limiting and not appropiate for the area.

The 'reasoning' that 70 and 90 zones are too confusing for drivers is nonsensical. A driver that can't differentiate and abide by a simple number as a speed limit should not be behind the wheel of the car in the first place as there are many more complicated actions that take place during the act of driving. The drivers of these roads are more than capable at safely driving at the previous speed of 70 km/h as they had demonstrated for over 20 years with very minimal accidents, many of which had speed as a non-primary reason for their cause.

This petition is not encouraging speeding nor is it against lowering speed limits where appropiate. Hogans Road speed limit was reduced on the back of a couple of near timed accidents where cars ran off the road and into buildings on the side of the road, accidents clearly not caused soley by speed and the knee jerk reaction is unwarranted.

I urge the people of Hoppers Crossing (and others who support our voice being heard or have been affected by a similar issue in their community) that agree with this petition to sign it and share it out with your friends and family. Hopefully with enough signatures we can take this higher and effect some real change!

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