NATA- Not revaluation or rechecking for drawing but checking it once, If left unseen.

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I also appeared for the NATA 2018 exam held by CA (Council of Architecture) on 29th April 2018. The result were to be announced on 1st of June 2018 and it happend so as declared earlier but in steps which went up and down. And took the pause as the result day arrived. This whole journey was for theory but till now everyone was unaware about the drawing result. Where was it? The confusion and the problem arose to both students and also the checking committee because we had to attempt the drawing test on the paper and tick it as answered on the computer screen. The solution to this is to check those drawings which are unseen and out of the knowledge of the checking committee. We don't want a recheck we want you to check it once, there is no scope for recheck unless it is checked once.