Pardon and approve previously disciplined NURSES to help in the fight against COVID-19

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Yolene Lofton
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COVID-19 continues to be a challenging issue that have affected the entire world.  On March 13, 2020, the President of the United States declared the COVID-19 outbreak a national emergency.

According to Medscape Medical News © 2020, an unprecedented number of nurses and other healthcare professionals, have expired after caring for patients, in the fight against this viscous virus (See link with names of nurses and physicians in link below).  And as you know, exposure risk may be elevated for workers who interact with potentially infected individuals in healthcare.  

Nurses on the frontlines and healthcare entities are being challenged with PPE issues, staffing shortages, challenges in the recruitment of other nurses to help out, nursing turnovers and now, increased in mortality rates among their own colleagues. 

Many nursing schools and clinical affiliates, have also temporarily halted clinical rotations for nursing students, which is causing another problem: Delays in graduation for graduate nurses, delays in testing to pass state exams and employment turn-around time. 

Many nurses who were previously disciplined by boards of nursing in different states, are  expressing an interest, in wanting to help their colleagues on the frontlines. These nurses may have had their nursing license implicated for issues such as the following: Traffic citations, lack of timely completing a continuing education unit (CEU), untimely reporting of an address change, an error in the workplace without causing patient harm, an unintentional documentation error, lack of paying federal student loans on time due to economic hardships and nurses who may have had substance abuse violations, and have been effectively rehabilitated, to name a few. 

In light of the President's invocation of the Defense Production Act and World Health Organization's declaration of "2020 Year of the Nurse," these nurses are asking The White House, to authorize and establish mechanisms (e.g. regulations or orders), with State Board of Nursing agencies to:

1. Reconsider these dynamics. 

2. Pardon these previously disciplined nurses since they have the education, skills and expertise (minus a mistake made in the workplace).

3.Reinstate nursing licensure with contractual terms if needed (e.g. remedial training, supervision, consultation with Nursing Events Management Productions and NURSE'S COURT, Inc. for recommendations, etc).

4. Approve for these professionals, to assist in the fight against COVID-19, to prevent further challenges with patients, healthcare organizations, staffing issues and to reduce and/or flatten the curve, with regards to death rates on the frontlines. 

Rationale:  Allocating these services will promote national defense and settle labor disputes, respectively.

Thank you for your consideration.

In Memoriam:  Healthcare Workers Who Have Died of COVID-19 Medscape- Apr 1, 2020.  Link-