Stop Logging the Forrest in Liberia ,West Africa

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My name is Michael James Field , I am a 58 year old Australian currently living at LGV -Lutheran Global Village in Bong County Liberia while helping out Friends and Returning Liberians from the Refugee camps in Guinea ,,I arrived in Liberia on the 2nd September and at LGV a few days later and almost immediately I started to notice the logging trucks ,I asked my Friend Wilson K Via about the logging operation and He told me the Logging in Lofa County about 20 klm away from LGV had been done by KFC company before the Liberian Civil War and stopped during the War ,These Days it is being done by a Malaysian Company by the name of Alpha and the logs are being trucked to a port and loaded onto ships and exported in Round Log form , they are not processed at all in Liberia as far as known ,Wilson ,Myself and 3 other Pastors made a visit to the logging Area a few months ago         ( November 2017  ) and saw 3 Large Log dumps a short distance apart and they each contained Hundreds of Trees that had been cut down of which we took Photos ,We then visited the logging camp and saw much equipment Loaders and Dozer’s ,some in a state of disrepair but we were not welcome and took no photos on this occasion ,,,The logging trucks drive past LGV up to 3 a Day ,sometimes more at all times of the Day and night and on these Trucks are usually 3 or 4 Trees ,you can see from the Photos the Size of these Fallen Trees and Recently about December 2017 We noticed about 4 more Dozer’s and many more logging trucks heading past the village towards Lofa , We now Believe at least 2 New Logging Company’s have started in the Area perhaps as far as ZorZor near the boarder with Guinea and the Amount of Logging Trucks going past the Village has greatly increased ,,, We now ask for Help from the Relevant International Communities and Concerned Citizens to put Pressure on the Newly Elected Liberian Government to bring this Destruction of Liberian Forrest to a Halt or to have the Trees being Logged processed in Liberia ,,Preferably STOPPED –Liberia is a Poor Country whose Natural Resources are being obviously Exploited by Foreign Company’s and Destruction of Liberian Forrest should be of Concern to the Whole World ,Please sign this Petition to Present to the New Liberian Government and any other Relevant Authority --Signed – Michael Field ,Wilson K Via ,