Continue the Language Department Assistant program at DePauw University

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The Language Department Assistant (LDA) program at DePauw University has been happening for more than 27 years, and right now, due to budget cuts, the University is putting the program on hold.

I would like to emphasize how important the LDA is for the students and faculty, and therefore, for the public image of the University. The LDA does not only assist in the teaching of the classes and organizes language tables, their mission is to bring their culture closer to the students at DePauw. Through cooking workshops, dance classes, tutoring hours, movie nights and an array of different activities, the students can experience first-hand how it feels to belong to other countries. The biggest event of the year in the Modern Languages Department, the Eurovision Song Contest, hosted more than 150 people, 18 participants representing different countries, and raised over $500 for the Indiana Undocumented Youth Alliance. 

On a more personal level, the LDA experience has opened my eyes to a new possibility and a new career path. Now I know I want to be a Spanish professor, so I have decided to continue my training and education to reach that goal. If this program had not existed, I would still be undecided about what I wanted to do in the future. I am unhappy that no one will ever have the opportunity to experience what DePauw has to offer, and I would like you to continue this program so that both LDAs and students can learn from each other and live together in our globalized world.