Difficulties regarading the scheduled even semester exams of 2020 in the month of July

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Regarding the scheduled semester exams in july during COVID-19 pandemic, there are certain points we will like to draw your attention to.

1) First of all, THE EXPONENTIAL INCREASE OF CURRENT COVID SCENARIO in our country may have direct impact on us at the time of interest. Our PARENTS ARE TENSED to know SUCH EXAMINATION ROUTINE. As of now, we have not even reached the peak of the epidemic. No one can imagine the situation at the end of June. THIS IS NOT THE BEST TIME TO CONDUCT EXAMINATIONS.

2) Now many of the students are DAY SCHOLARS. They have to COME IN CONTACT WITH VARIOUS CANDIDATES FROM DIFFERENT DISTRICTS, DIFFERENT STATES AND ABROAD. There are HIGH EXPECTANCY FOR THE LOCAL STUDENTS and THEIR HOUSEHOLD (MANY OF THEM HAVE AN AGE OF 60+) to get infected as we will not be able to ISOLATE THE ASYMPTOMATIC CANDIDATES. As the DISEASE IS HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS, it is a very tough situation for us to take the exam during this epidemic following health guidelines.

3) There are Many students out of the district, out of the state and also out of the country. They are unable to ARRANGE SUITABLE TRANSPORTATION AS TRANSPORTATION THROUGH TRAIN IS CANCELLED TILL THE END OF JUNE. The international borders are not opened yet.
EXAMINATION THROUGH ONLINE IS VERY DIFFICULT for us AS MANY STUDENTS LIVE IN REMOTE AREAS. With LACK OF INTERNET CONNECTION and device online conduction of examination is not a feasible solution.

4) Many candidates of our University live in RED ZONE. They have to be QUARANTINED FOR A CERTAIN PERIOD OF TIME as soon as they come back to their respective hostels. In the hostels, there are several common rooms for food and chat. The most severe thing is ‘USING ONE COMMON BATHROOM’. Even in one room there are MINIMUM FOUR HOSTEL BEDS WHICH ARE VERY CLOSE. So, it is quite IMPOSSIBLE TO MAINTAIN SOCIAL DISTANCING in hostels. The quality of their staying in hostels is also their reason for panic. This situation mated with poor transportation service together might bring problem to several boarding students. The DETAILED CHECK UP OF ALL STUDENTS WITH REQUIRED TESTING in PM Hospital is very tough indeed. So, there is SEVERE HEALTH THREAT TO THE HOSTEL BOARDERS.

5) The students who stay outside the University campus due to LACK OF SUFFICIENT HOSTEL FACILITIES will fall in trouble significantly. It is because there are expectancy that their MESS OWNER WILL NOT ALLOW THEM TO COME AND STAY AT THEIR HOUSE in this pandemic.

We have some suggestions on the process of evaluation.

1) We will prefer if you DELAY THE SEMESTER until the COVID situation is normalised. The normalisation is meant by opening the international borders for flights and our nationwide regular transportation.

2)  Our PERFORMANCES OR MARKS OF PREVIOUS SEMESTERS may be taken into consideration and average them with A FEW ADVANTAGES if possible that is
Provision of grace marks or bonus depending on the grades averaged.

3) Consideration of current internal evaluations as significant weightage on the semester averages.


5) Last but not the least, ONLY CURRENT INTERNAL/HOME ASSIGNMENTS are taken into consideration and evaluate them as semester marks after multiplying with proper credit points.

We humbly request you to take suitable decision considering all the above facts, so that each & every student can get best judgement of their ability and talent.      

                                              Yours faithfully

            Students of Visva-Bharati University