OBE/ABE/Hybrid mode exams

OBE/ABE/Hybrid mode exams

9 March 2022
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Vice Chancellor ( University of Delhi)
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Why this petition matters

Started by Diya Malik

The university of Delhi has reopened the colleges in the mid of semesters which has created a lot of problems for students that are listed here :

  • Sudden reopening has created anxiety , painic attacks  and depression to students. Students are already having health issues like TB, Asthma, epileptic seizures, weakness due to Covid, etc. and now their health is also at stake. Also applying mask 6-8 hrs is  cumbersome. Also many students in PGs have tested Covid positive. 
  • Many students are still not able to find good accommodation &  if found facing issues of good food and high PG charges that is difficult for their families to pay because many have lost their jobs during covid and left with no savings .
  • Reopening in the mid semester : for which the students were not ready as we were preparing according to OBE exams for this semester also. Also more than half  of the syllabus was prepared in online mode and now it makes no sense in having offline exams .
  • Reopening in mid also lead to wastage of time because of shifting, making arrangements, adjusting in a new city , new environment which has wasted  almost  15-20 days and still many students have not adjusted .
  • And now we are left with hardly 1.5 month to prepare . We have spent almost 1.5 year in online mode and now it requires time to adjust in a new environment .We have no experience of offline exams, no experience of staying outside, no experience of procedure of offline internals. We know one day or another we have to face this n
  • Many universities like Jamia, Mumbai University, BHU ,etc have provided students an option of Online exams to students then  why can't DU ?? 
  • Also many students had started coachings for UPSC, SSC, CA and other competitive exams and have paid for them . 

At last we the students of DU have only one request : ONLINE EXAMS FOR THIS SEMESTER ONLY so that we can also adjust in the new environment and prepare ourselves mentally . 

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Signatures: 33Next Goal: 50
Support now

Decision Makers

  • Vice Chancellor ( University of Delhi)