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We the students of Department of Applied Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts want to draw your attention towards the protest we are staging at gate no.7 of Jamia Millia Islamia campus since five days against REGION-BASED DISCRIMINATION, FAVOURITISM, MENTAL AND SEXUAL HARASSMENT, UNFAIR MARKING, AND DICTATORSHIP committed by our Head Of Department Prof Hafiz Ahmed.                                                                                                    

·       He keeps manipulating and exploiting students on the basis of markings, attendance, and even says such things as “mujhe support karoge toh bohot aage jaoge”.

·       Students are being told that they are under surveillance and He (HOD) knows about people  whom we meet and spend time with.

·       He called one of the student of our department and told her to change the way she dress up and tried to manipulate to come and give him the information about class.

·       Girls are been sexually harassed. He (H.O.D) use certain comments on girls such as “mehektey hue log se sab attract hote hain” , “abhi aap jawaan hain,ye neck pain itni young umar mai nahi hota, agar aisa dard hai toh aap yoga karey, aur rahi baat iski toh jaldi department aiye, mai bataunga tumhe yoga kese karte hain”

·       He told one of the student to stay away from kashmiris as they will influence him     (student) to be political and also told him that kashmiris just go around collecting people for their purpose and influence for terrorism ideologies.

·       Unfair Markings: late submitters are given better marks than on-time submitters even when there works are not upto the mark; Marks depends on the proximity we maintain with the HOD;


We demand:

1.PERMANENT TERMINATION OF  THE SERVICE OF OUR HOD                            2. PERMANENT TEACHERS IN FACULTY  OF FINE ARTS                                      3. OPEN MARKING SYSTEM                                                                                        4. SAFETY


We want permanent solution for these, not merely removal of HOD as He can again practice same things in other institutions where he could be appointed again.

This is us, and we are facing this problem and this could be you also.  Please come and join our struggle for REASONABLE and FAIR EDUCATION.