SRM Tution Fees Reduction

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In the time of this pandemic, Every parent in the country is worried about the fees of their child. As we all know that, Tuition fees at SRM is quite high and it is already an issue for 60% of students. 

The petition is being filed due to few points that we all know:

Businesses being closed from past three months, Many parents have also lost their jobs or are currently facing the salary cuts upto 75% of the salary they used to receive earlier. Hence, It will take time for the families to recover from the pandemic & comes back to the track.

This is a request to Top Management people to consider the issue & reduce the fees. During these unfortunate times, Top Management at SRM must consider this issue.

As far as we know that, Many prestigious colleges of the country and even the top universities have reduced the fees. SRM is being considered as one of the most student friendly organisation and in the past, many instances came where students were not happy with the decisions & fortunately our Vice Chancellor have come forward and discussed it with the students. 

Please consider this as a serious issue & help the students and parents to not face any kind of issues in the pandemic. This is a request by the students of SRM.