JCU students demand a voice to oppose staff and course cuts

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To Vice Chancellor Sandra Harding,

This petition of the undersigned informs that James Cook University students:

·         Reject the proposed course changes.

·         Reject the proposed staff changes.

·         Demand an explicit invitation to consult on, and provide feedback to, the above-mentioned staff and course changes.  Student feedback MUST be properly considered in all decision-making.

·         Know from experience the above-mentioned changes will have detrimental impacts to their education through decreased subject and course choice, diminished face-to-face learning opportunities, and lowered staff and student morale.  Student do NOT accept that intercampus ‘telelinked’ lectures are face-to-face learning.

·         Are concerned for staff workloads and their ability to thoroughly support student education.  This concern will undoubtedly increase with the proposed changes.

·         Reject the notion that staff and course cuts improve JCU’s competitiveness.  We argue the opposite is true.

·         Demand students are meaningfully consulted in ALL decisions that affect them.  Further, students should be the ones to determine whether or not changes will affect them.

·         Demand James Cook University openly and transparently demonstrate how they will consult with students in regard to the current staff and course cuts. Such consultation must carry forth into future decisions also.

·         Demand James Cook University develop a policy addressing the timing of distressing news to students.  Students have noted a consistent pattern that controversial announcements are purposefully delivered in times of high workloads and stress negating the possibility of student feedback.  This is a deliberate and unacceptable increase of pressure for students.