Cancel Final Year UG/PG exams and follow UGC guidelines for general promotion

0 व्यक्ति ने साइन किए। 1,500 हस्ताक्षर जुटाएं!

1,500 साइन के बाद इस पेटीशन को स्थानीय मीडिया द्वारा कवर किए जाने की संभावना बढ़ सकेगी!

Number of Covid 19 cases are rising in India almost we have crossed 450000+.  Various Universities across in India are promoting students of last year/Re-appear for the better future of the students. Ask MCI, PCI and other councils to make rules on general promotion or cancel exams untill covid19 comes under control.

We would like to raise our concern to Pt. BD Sharma University of Health Sciences,Rohtak (Haryana) and Chief Minister of Haryana Mr.Manohar Lal Khattar to take similar actions for the well-being of students.

As last year students are the future of our country and education department of haryana want to risk lives of these students .Various colleges are in Faridabad and Gurgaon and students commuting from Delhi could infect thousands of students in a single day as number of cases are higher in Delhi and we know our Immunity system is strong but what if we become carriers for our family and our grandparents ?Who will be responsible then?

Cases of coronavirus are rising in large

numbers everyday and the situation is

getting worse than before with time.

No proper medicine or vaccine.

Not every person response to coronavirus is same. Maybe some can develop severe conditions or can cause death.

Students are not in a condition or state (mental and psychological both) to attend and give the examination because of the fear of getting transmitted with the coronavirus and lockdown)

The chances of transmission of coronavirus will be more. Also, students will come from different places, who knows they are carrying the symptoms or not.It will be risky.

If anyone is found to be infected the infection would spread among his/her contacts and he/she might also spread the infection in the family as well as in the society

Government decided to promote final year  of Non Haryanvi students of UG/PG courses of every stream but not promoting students of Haryana state. Number of coronavirus  cases are raising in Haryana to 8500 and increasing. Time of Doubling of cases is 8 days in Haryana which is very low. Daily 500+ cases are coming. Students are fear of covid and even parents are in tension due to these upcoming exams. Most of parents have single child. Every life is precious first.

Please take this petition seriously as our future is dependent on you!!!