Reinstatement of all ISSP tutorials for UTAS International Law Students

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ISSP stands for “International Students Support Program.” Every semester, international law students are provided with an extra tutorial that runs for an hour every week for each of their core units and taught by a student a year above us who did very well for that unit. Recently, us international law students have been hit by an email from the law school saying that some of our ISSP units have been cancelled, namely Legal Systems, Corporations Law, Civil Procedure and Remedies. The only reason given to us being that the College of Arts, Law and Education (CALE) had required the law faculty to truncate the cost of the ISSP program and that this has been beyond the control of the faculty.

For us international law students, the ISSP tutorials play a tremendous role in our legal studies experience. It provides additional support for us to do better for our law degree. The peer and group study are also a great feature to the law school. Most international law students do not have English as their first language and attending these ISSP tutorials help with understanding difficult legal jargons and to grasp concepts better. It has also been said that students who attend ISSPs tend to do better for their units. This unfair decision impacts us negatively. Our goal is to have ALL of our ISSP tutorials reinstated as it normally was and that more satisfactory and transparent reasons be given for the original decision.

-Jibril Khalid, TULS International Students Officer