Save Languages At Southampton Solent University

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Curriculum Plus is a programme at Southampton Solent University that allows students to study a range of languages at various degrees of ability as part of their course or to supplement it.

Anyone is able to study Mandarin Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish and German regardless of their ability in the language as courses are offered in beginner, intermediate and advanced stages. Curriculum Plus also offers an Introduction to Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Learning languages has always been part of my life, and choosing Solent for my further education played a massive role in my ability to do this. I am currently in my first year studying intermediate french alongside my degree in Film Production and intended to take advanced French as part of my degree next year. I planned to start learning Italian and Teaching English as a Foreign Language in my third year. 

This is no longer possible as the programme is under threat of closure.

To put it simply there are just not enough people applying for the Curriculum Plus programme. To those of us currently on the programme, it means we will not be able to progress past the current stage of the course we are on. For the future students at Solent, it means they will not get the opportunity to study a language alongside or as part of their course other than the introduction to the language of their choosing.

Being able to speak a second language not only broadens your career opportunities, it also gives you access to a wealth of culture, history and people. Solent is proud of the opportunities it gives its students to jumpstart their career, but by closing this programme it closes more doors than it opens and makes learning a language much harder to access.

On a personal level, the closure of this programme disrupts my entire plan for my further education. Being able to take a language as part of and alongside my film production studies was a defining factor in me choosing Solent. I've always wanted to move into the French film industry after I graduate, and the curriculum plus programme allows me to maintain my French skills while at University. It also gives me the opportunity to take Spanish again, and begin learning Italian which is something I've always wanted to do. Having also worked as a Maths and English teacher, I wanted to progress onto teaching English as a foreign language. The Curriculum Plus programme means I can begin to get my certificate to do that.

This petition is my chance to raise awareness about this amazing programme my university has to offer and to show the University that we do care about languages and that this programme should stay.

If you are a current or prospective student at Southampton Solent, you can learn more about Languages at Solent here: