Make Ecosia the Default Search Engine at the University of York

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#YorkOnEcosia is a campaign to get the University of York to change its default search engine to Ecosia. Ecosia uses the profits from internet searches to plant trees where they are needed most. This is part of a global student-led campaign. As of writing, seven universities worldwide have switched to using Ecosia as their search engine to plant tens of thousands of trees combined. Let's be the eighth! 

Whilst Google is aiming to be carbon-neutral be 2025, Ecosia is already carbon-negative. Amazingly, if Ecosia were as big as Google, it could absorb 15% of all global CO2 emissions! That’s enough to offset vehicle emissions worldwide.

Why #YorkOnEcosia During Covid-19?

With summer teaching moving online, you may be asking yourself, why #YorkOnEcosia now?

1) The Uni will re-open eventually! When it does, Ecosia will need us more than ever!

Their financial reports show that they have sizable reserves. Their tree fund allows them to pay all of their reforestation partners in 2020, just as they had planned.But upcoming financial reports reveal their revenue is dropping due to COVID-19. The incoming recession means that fewer businesses will support Ecosia in the future. More than ever, their advertising partners (who fund tree-planting projects) need you to use Ecosia, and to spread the word about the tree-planting search engine.

2) With all of us at home, we’re all on our devices. You as an individual can still download the Ecosia extension using the York link.

3) Let’s make some good news.