Equality for lecturers or refund our tuition fees

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Students at the University of Brighton have set up a petition for action to be taken, in response to the 8 day strike starting on Monday 25th November. We are in support of the lecturers' and would like the University to either reopen negotations or to refund our tuition for the education time we have lost.

The National Union of Students (NUS) supports the action and have issued a statement saying they ‘stand shoulder to shoulder’ with the UCU. We are sending this petition to the Vice Chancellor to ensure they are aware of how frustrated we are with their decision to end negotiations.

As students we have worked out that we pay £50 a day on a regular full-time degree programme. It is wholly unfair for the University to keep this money whilst not paying the lecturers a fair wage or providing us with an education. We demand that action is taken regarding these subjects.

Members of staff are taking Industrial action for a number of reasons: Female university employees are earning 15.1% less than men. Black academic lecturers are being paid 12-13% less than their white counterparts. We want our lecturers' to be paid equally regardless of their characteristics and to end discrimination in wages.