Cancel year back system (B tech Student) for all batch in MSRUAS Should be Implimented


Cancel year back system (B tech Student) for all batch in MSRUAS Should be Implimented

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when it comes to the yearback system of MSRUAS, which is one of the most cruel punishment for students to sit in home for one year or more than that  or reregister the subjects . This leads to depression and mental torture from society. No students and lecturers are in favour of this system.Students who had back subject faced a lot of problems.they  had to write exams in the Morning as well as in the afternoon. the time duration for preparation was just a month students found it tough and it was not adequate due to these reasons now many students have got year back  they are forced to wait for a year and attend college after a year. please remove year back system right now  and start giving supplementary exams instead of losing a year or please implement the carry over of back subject system till 7th sem of engineering in MSRUAS that will improve student Carrer and Confident on him/her .I request Vice Chancellor to implement this right now not from upcoming batches .Some sensitive students (both boys and girls) get upset and commit suicide so I request you to cancel yearback .One shouldn’t forget that Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Mark Zukerberg the Gaints were all college dropouts but revolutionized the world ! They are biggest employers offering dream jobs & packages to the topper techies ! Lets not limit the students ability by branding them as “back log students” & burden them with all psychological chains ! Let’s not kill their ambitions, dreams in the primitive stage itself taking away their entire liftetime of opportunities. Frustration & depression are the biggest threats to mankind ! It breeds social evils ! Let’s make the world a better place to live changing one life at a time ! Its high time our country needs every single person contribution towards our dream of being a developed economy & socially well off state !!

Only the student having year back can feel the burden of it. They get the pressure from parents and society which results in few student losing their life. In day to day newspaper we come to know about the suicide of the students due to this year back.The year back concept does not exist in any other universities in India or anywhere else in the world. We all are aware that student is going to lose a complete year if they get a year back. Wasting a year only to pass a subject is entirely unfair.Cancel the yearback for all batches (2015,16,17,18)

Right now it's Implemented for only new batch 2018. It should be implemented for 2015,16,17 batch Year back should be cancelled completely..

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