Fair recruitment in Kashmir University to save brain drain in Kashmir.

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Recently in History Department university of Kashmir posted an advertisement for contractual lectures post. Previous candidates with highest levels of degrees from reputed intitutions like JNU & Delhi University were dropped further their points of papers submitted at various high levels were not included. Previous experience was also neglected. Years of teaching in same university was also ignored. The exposure of these candidates with international publications was also not taken into account. The deep research of specific subjects in History which students highly require to excel in their respective careers was overall denied to them.

All this just because some of the faculty members are corrupt and want to employ their kith & kin. Low graded below Phd Candidates who are still research scholars with no exposure to outside world and no high grade paper publications in reputed institutions, are considered for the teaching at highest levels in department of history and likewise in other departments as well.

Therefore request you all to sign for a change so that the next generation of our intellectuals are at par globally and nationally. The brain drain should be stopped immediately to save students future and bring to them the quality education at the highest level. In the interest of students provide them what they deserve to fight the best in class minds as we believe they deserve.