Anna University must modify Regulations 2017.

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The new regulations brought in by Anna University circa 2017 has got flaws. Flaws which affects the career and life of an engineering student. 

To point them out- If a student keeps an arrear, say in an odd semester. They'll have to wait until the NEXT odd semester, i.e., a year long wait to sit for that particular exam again.

Making him/her appear for that particular exam again in the subsequent semester would do a whole lot of good since by a year's time, the student will have lost in touch with that subject and struggle even more to recall it, added to the extra pressure of clearing the new semester's subjects. Also taking into consideration, the other stringent regulations like - a student can only sit for 3 arrear exams a semester based on the number of credits not exceeding around 12-13 credits does not help.

We kindly request the honourable VC to appoint a panel to go through the regulations again and formulate a student-friendly one where clearing an arrear paper won't be such a burden on us. We would like to sit for that particular exam in any semester. 

The everyday struggle of being an engineering student should go without saying. Most of us come from schools in villages which have faculties and infrastructure in the minimal proficiency. Most of us will be exposed to a lot of new things in the first and second semester (which are the bridge courses) and will falter. And these new regulations aren't helping. We're like a fish out of water. And so will be the posterity, if no changes are made. Kindly oblige.


Yours Respectfully,

The students of Anna University.

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