To cancel the exam of AKTU

To cancel the exam of AKTU

3 June 2020
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Vice chancellor of aktu
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Why this petition matters

Started by Priya Sahu

We, the UG and PG students of AKTU , have some serious problems and confusions regarding the current semester. We would like to bring your attention on the fact that, in this Pandemic Scenario, is it really possible for all the students from all kinds of financial backgrounds to sit for any exams, either written or online?
We, the youth, the students are the future of this Nation, but now the youth, the future is in great danger. So we are seeking your help, there are a lot of reasons to oppose exam in this pandemic situation, and we are trying to bring your attention to these facts for opposing exam in this situation, which are stated below.
1. The students who have their colleges far away from home, stay in college hostels, PG or in mess. But in this situation, where all of us are in lockdown, none will provide us place to stay, and it is impossible for students for daily coming to colleges through public transports, because both distance and time is huge.
2. It is impossible for anyone to keep inside or outside the college premises during college or exam hours.
3. There are many students who have their dreams or opportunities to start their professional career after their graduation, but in this case, the exams will take a huge amount of time to take place, so it is being a massive disadvantage for them to begin their professional career.
4. There are no symbols of the public transports of being regular on time or carrying a certain amount of passengers, so, reaching the exam hall on time still remains an issue.
5. There is no announcement whether the teachers and students would have to go through Thermal Tests to ensure that they are safe from Corona during exams.
6. Is it really possible to control the spreading of this virus by just giving a gap of just one bench inside exam hall?
7. The usage of papers and pen still remains an issue of contamination.
8. It will be a huge problem for us to give online exams from home because after Amphan and another fatal storm, the network coverage has taken a worth mentioning downfall. And those who are residing at different districts of North Bengal, they are also facing problems to stay in college hostels, PG or in mess just because of lack of protection from this virus.
9. For the final year students, it is getting very difficult to complete their final year project as all the project mates are far from each other and also they don't have all the required components for their projects. And also they need support from the teacher for doing the project smoothly which they are not having in this lockdown period, and all of these can't be done over online through any platform.
10. Due to prolonged lockdown, the students are going through a lot of mental stress and it will also effect in their results.
11. A huge problem may arise if nearby school colleges are assigned as online exam centres because the police is currently using local school colleges as quarantine centres. So, this may cause a safety hazard.
12. Semester Exams are very important and most of the students don’t possess enough study materials due to this unexpected prolonged lockdown since March. Without proper guidance and study materials we can’t prepare for the exams.
13. Above all, the students are not willing to put their lives on risk and sit for the exams. Because, the degree of ours should be utilized properly only then, when we are alive.

To maintain Govt. Circular and to stop spreading of Corona Virus in this Pandemic situation as well as to grab all opportunities by all the students by all the students, few institutions and universities have taken some remarkable decisions to overcome unwanted situations, some of the examples are stated below:

1. University of Hyderabad have decided to issue certificates with two flexible options i.e. having average number given by the authority or give Exams after a certain period of time as per student’s choice.
2. The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur on 24th May has decided to end the ongoing semesters and promote all the students based on a special marking scheme including mid-term marks.
3. IIT Bombay has decided to end its spring semesters as well as scrap the final exams for 2019-20 academic year. The spring semesters was scheduled to begin on June 1 and go on till July 13.
4. Instead of taking exams, assignments can be taken of every papers, which students should complete within time and submit to their colleges. This system of exam is used by B.Ed. Colleges and Open Universities.
5. Term Paper, a lot of topics can be given regarding the papers, from which the students should pick their preferable topics or professors should assign the topics to the students, and the students should submit their answers in written manner. In this term paper basis, marks should be provided.
6. If it is not possible to take exams in any means, the credits for exams can be provided by normalization process, this process is applicable in National Exams like Rail etc.

The 4th and 5th point doesn’t require any type of social engagements. Thus, we can maintain social distancing and also we can submit our answers by Speed Post, which system is applicable for Distance Education.

Considering the gravity and importance of the situation, we feel, you will be kind enough to review our views in such a manner that will help us to proceed in the future with great physical and mental strength.

With Best Regards,
UG and PG students of AKTU

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Signatures: 14Next Goal: 25
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