We demand to VC, HRD,UGC, to take back the decision of fee hike in MGAHV, Wardha

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There are 42 central universities are in India, are established to provide higher education to every citizen of India.

It was believed that these are good place for non-creamy layer and lower caste class to get higher education since the fee was very less in comparison with state or private universities. But, for recent 2-3 years these universities are involved in CUTTING THE ACADEMIC AND STAYING BOTH FACILITIES AND HIKING FEE.   

In MGAHV, Wardha, Fee has been hiked by 200-400% by the university admin Just last week/2weeks back. The same thing happened in Pondicherry University in 2012 and others are planning to it soon.

Since these universities have less facilities like 24/7 library, many departments in social sciences, some of these universities have ended M.Phil. Course also, even no scholarship for PG Students, which universities used to give previously. Yet JNU, HYDERABAD UNI are still facilitating students without hiking fee.

This act of hiking fee is can be seen as

1.   Inherent policy of privatization of higher education.

2.   denial to give cheap and good higher education promised by Indian constitution.

3.   To make away higher education from the reach of lower class and caste, tribes, minorities of our country as they are not that much good in condition to get private colleges or universities.

4.   Denial to give higher education to the poor/economic backward classes so this population can be transformed as labor/unskilled worker for the corporates/multinational companies.

5.   Denial of right to choose occupation given by constitution as if student doesn’t have money to get admission in a university as in this condition on has to study traditional and not professional subjects in local collages/uni.

6.   An autocratic act, universities are doing against student’s welfare.

7.   An act against rural India where people are still involved in Farming or labor work and suffering malnutrition and starving to death. Where even primary education is costly to bear to them.

8.   Denial of giving cheap education to women as still Indian families don’t invest much in women’s education.

Students from concerned universities and from other universities have been/are being involved to protest against fee hike and increase facilities were promised by universities and are recommended by UGC but university admin is keep going on its autocratic decision.

We demand to HRD,UGC,VC to take back the decision of fee hike in MGAHV, Wardha (and in other uni where fee is hiked recently) immediately considering welfare of all students coming from deferent places and status of India.

·        One more demand can be added that there should be certain and common fee structure for every central university in India. This can be work for students welfare and to reduce autocracy of uni admin.

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