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Improve Examination Transparency by releasing both Raw and Rescaled marks on result days!

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I am sure you have all seen my recent petition. First up I want to thank you all for your support, whether it was signing or simply commenting your department was not involved! Yet it is not over just yet.
The point of this post and petition is to now present a possible solution to future examination issues and confusion. I ask you to have an open mind to consider:

After all of this I believe important issues have come to light, relating to a lack of transparency within exams, within this difficult time of the pandemic, and university exams in general.
I propose discussing with the university, and maybe others, about the releasing of two marks for student results. The first, the Raw mark (mark before rescaling) and second the Actual mark (mark after rescaling).

I see this as an opportunity to rebuild trust over this exam period, for students to see harsh marking/rescaling may not be reason for worse grades. Additionally, if this 10% was to occur again, we would know straight away and can act; alongside the fact that if university policy stands and rescaling only affects a couple of %, then there should be no issue in releasing both the mark types.

Would this idea be attractive to all of you? If so I ask you to make a subject access request via data protection for your raw scores. If enough of us do this - it may have an impact. The email to do this is dataprotection@york.ac.uk

Thank you all once again, and I hope this can appeal to some of you!