30% Reimbursement of Semester Fees for Online Course Delivery by University

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University experience is supposed to be once in a lifetime phase where you socialize, interact, make new friends, develop, nurture and grow into a better human being ready to face the challenges in the real world. When some of us chose a high ranked & reputed university it was an extreme excitement of getting to experience its culture & environment of being in a world class International campus. But due to a natural cause, we're suffering a huge loss by missing out on a semester of campus studies, environment and activities. It's not just about attending classes and getting a degree but also about physical interaction and exploring campus activities one might never be able to experience again as a student. 

Mentally it's stressful to do an online course coming far away from your homes (In city or remotely stationed from University) by missing out on all above. We the student community request the university to acknowledge this fact and allow us part reimbursement (30%) of our semester fees for the services and facilities we will be missing out as desired to us while choosing Auckland University of Technology (AUT). 

During these tough times of the outbreak of Covid-19 and a pandemic, we as students understand that AUT is trying to do it's best. However, its most predominantly unfair for international students (who have been completely ignored) who chose AUT for its international cultural experience and paid exuberant amount of fees to be deprived of its promises made of campus learning by the University. 

The following was taken directly from the AUT website: 

Through innovative teaching and learning space, AUT’s three modern campuses have several award-winning buildings which were created using sustainable principles and feature inviting, collaborative and functional learning areas, auditoriums and research spaces. This includes the state-of-the-art Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences building, which has unique design features that mean it can be used as a teaching tool and ‘living lab’ where students can get hands-on experience.

We also have a number of world-class facilities including one of only two motion capture studios in the country; New Zealand’s top sports science facility, AUT Millennium; and the country’s only two major radio telescopes, which are involved in projects with international research partners including NASA.

AUT’s success in creating transformational educational spaces has been recognised with a five-star ranking for teaching and facilities, awarded by the university rankings organisation QS.

All these factors, which we are unable to access, would have been highly influential to a prospective student's decision to attend the institution.

The amount of money we’re spending on rents, utilities and other amenities to stay in the city or close to university is already a burden on the students near coming future by the unstable economy to come. For many international students online course delivery is the worst nightmare coming true after investing so much to arrive in the country to study whereas they could’ve done the same living in their home conditions at a far lesser amount paid to the university for the same certificate course.

As for a gesture to support students and to overcome the mental stress we’re being dealing with. It is our outmost sincere request to reimburse 30% of our semester tuition fees to provide some relief and a sense of acknowledgement for the turmoil students are going through.