Request to Cancel Examinations for non-final year students

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On behalf of the student community at Christ (Deemed to be University), I am writing this petition for the cancellation of End Semester Examination which was to be held in March 2020 and now to be held (maybe, hopefully not) in August 2020. 

Further, I will try my best to elaborate on the various challenges faced by students and if I do miss out any points, feel free to voice your opinion in the comment section below. 

First and foremost, examinations, especially how they are perceived in India is probably the most stressful time for students. However, in the wake of a global pandemic, floods and cyclones hitting various parts of the country, earthquakes, fires and various other similar obstacles we are facing today, to have the added pressure of facing an Examination based on knowledge and resources acquired by a student more than  10 months ago (Semester started in November 2019) is quite unfair as it is. As online classes have started and most students are focusing on the new semester ahead, it would be quite difficult to collect resources and material from the previous semester and prepare for the same.

Furthermore, Lockdown has not been a joy ride for all students. It significantly has an impact on the mental health of a student and his/her overall well-being. Some of us may have been comfortable at home with our families, however it is unfair to forget the students who have been affected or whose family members have been either affected by or lost their lives to COVID 19, Cyclones and Earthquakes. Furthermore, for most students returning from various other states/countries, quarantine will be mandatory and it is inhumane to expect them to prepare for an examination in such conditions.

Various other reputed Colleges/Universities in the country have cancelled exams as they understand the stress and anxiousness it creates in the minds of it's students. Delhi University and Maharashtra State being the most recent to announce cancellation of examinations.

As suggested by The University Grants Commission (UGC), it would be feasible to adopt a new method of assessment for the present first and second year students. Using CIA's, mid semester marks and/or previous semester marks as a base for assessment would ensure fair means of assessment in order to promote the students to the next year.

Cancellation of Examination would, without a doubt, lift a heavy burden off the students' shoulders and enable us to focus entirely on the present semester.

In conclusion, I would like to say that, we, the student community, humbly request our respected Vice Chancellor and Controller of Examinations  to consider the overall well-being and plight of students during these trying times and take a decision in the best interests of the students, faculty and the institution as a whole.