Call to remove Mcebo Dlamini as SRC president.

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On the 25th of April Wits SRC president asserted that "In every white white person there's an element of Adolf Hitler" and further went on to state "I love Adolf Hitler".

Wits is a well respected university, and, in his duty as SRC president, Dlamini takes on the role of a figurehead of this establishment. It is unacceptable on any level for any person, yet alone a figurehead, to make such sweeping, racially motivated antisemitic remarks and express support for a man who sent approximately eleven million people to their deaths.

Thus, the undersigned call for the immediate removal of Dlamini for the Wits SRC out of a desire to preserve the good name of the university as well as ensure that those who represent the Wits student body are people who do so with common human decency at heart.


An edit by means of an update:

Apr 28, 2015 — Today (28 April 2015), Wits SRC president Mcebo Dlamini defended his previous statements and further went on to add that “all white people are the same, are racist and are full of hate”.

It is in response to this that I want to clarify that, at least to me, the matter at hand is not solely an issue of racism but rather an issue of simple human decency.

Adolf Hitler, as leader of the Nazi regime, was responsible for the deaths of approximately 11 million people. To put this into context, the greater Johannesburg area is home to approximately 10 million people. Now imagine every face you have ever seen in Johannesburg, everyone you drove past in traffic, everyone you made awkward eye contact with that one time in an elevator, every young couple in love, your friends and family, indeed every single last man, woman, and child in this area sent to an agonizing death. That is the man that Dlamini professes to admire. That is the man he is actively comparing every single white person to.

So again I have to repeat, to me this is more than an issue of race. It is a matter of human decency, a matter of respect for the value of human life, and at its core, a matter of a single ignorant man using his position of power to usurp the voice of the Wits student body and replace it with a message of hate.

We cannot let this person define us. We cannot let this person represent us. To do so is let go of our hope for this beautiful, diverse country of ours go. We cannot let this come to pass, not now, not ever.

Thus I ask that we redouble our efforts, spread the word, tweet, email, share. Do everything in your power to ensure that the world knows that Dlamini does not speak for us, but rather, that the voice of the youth is one of peace and unity and that our voice calls for a South Africa in which we can call those of different race, sex, gender, creed, or religion our friends, our family and, most importantly, our equals.

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