Elliot Coulson is a murderer - but he got a military funeral from the Australian Navy

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Kate Malonyay was 32 when she was brutally murdered, in her own home, by her ex-boyfriend, Elliot Coulson. 

According to police, Kate died from "a combination of asphyxia, probably from manual neck compression (ie, strangulation), and a head injury caused by blunt force, perhaps from some kind of edged implement or edged surface."

After he murdered Kate, Coulson stole her credit card and mobile phone, and pretended he was Kate, texting her family and friends to reassure them she was safe when they began to worry about her.

When police stormed into the hotel room he had booked using Kate's credit card, he leapt from the balcony to his death.

Days later, he was given a full military funeral, at the taxpayers' cost. 

While Coulson's funeral has already happened and cannot be taken back, I am calling on Vice Admiral Tim Barrett to donate the full cost of a military funeral to the Homicide Victims Support Group, and publicly denounce the actions of Coulson and apologise to Kate Malonyay's family. Most importantly, the Australian Navy needs to review their funeral policies, and ensure that this does not happen again. Military funerals should be for the very best people in our society, not the worst. I'm calling on the Navy to review the policy that every current serving officer receives a military funeral. 

Violence against women is wrong. We should all recognise this, and do what we can to show society that we will not stand for it. 

Please stand with me. 

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