80km! Maroondah highway - "Safety improvements"

80km! Maroondah highway - "Safety improvements"

7 March 2020
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Started by Albert Worsley


I would like to say the new turning lanes will be a great improvement to all road users, I think everyone will appreciate these.

Secondly, I believe you should consult the local community before reducing the speed limits to 80km along this road. This is a massive inconvenience to all local daily commuters.
By reducing the speed limits to 80km along this section you are only going to make the road more dangerous. It will make drivers pay less attention to the road as they will not need to concentrate as much at lower speeds. Drivers will become increasingly frustrated with cars going below the speed limit and encourage overtaking other vehicles. 
It is hard to see how this can be anything other than a revenue raising scheme.

I would really like to see see a public forum for this issue where locals who actually use this section of road get to have a say, it's something that will affect their lives every day.

Please take time to email Vic Roads at engage.ssrip@roads.vic.gov.au to voice your concerns. 

Kind regards, The local community.

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Signatures: 1,514Next goal: 2,500
Support now

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