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Heavy Vehicles on road during PEAK HOURS in Melbourne

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Hi all,

I had just very recently come across a petition that was started to 'Ban trucks during peak hours in Melbourne' it was closed suddenly and I can only imagine why? It seemed like the truckies took this too personal and bullied to person out... with creating weird videos and so on!

what they missed or rather misunderstood was that it wasn't meant for them at all... it was not about their jobs or anything to do with prices they need to pay monthly and so forth! The idea of that petition from what I could gather was that to bring it to the government's, council's, Vic Road's attention that there is too much traffic on the roads and its way too heavy during the peak hours and something needs to be done. Who else would you go and talk to about this as a normal regular office goer??? 

When there is a suggestion of 'banning' the trucks, heavy vehicles during peak hours it doesn't mean to take away your there was absolutely no reason for why all the truckies went ballistic? The request was all about, to consider the morning 3 1/2 hours and evening 3 1/2 hours when there are more cars on the roads to avoid trucks and heavy vehicles being on the roads at the same time. Thats not so bad is it? its not going to literally turn the world upside down... there are countries like USA having tried this and it works well. If we need to progress we should at least look at options, not go abusing people who are at least trying to raise a question and bring it to attention.

And none of that had to do with people not getting coffee or milk etc its just weird... there was no need to go to that detail. Look...someone who is creating the petition doesn't OBVIOUSLY know so much details about trucking industry and they dont need to too. It was created by a normal office goer who faces crazy traffic during those hours when all they see on the roads on every single lane are these huge as vehicles.... slowing down the traffic. And please, if we are being so abusive about calling out on trucks on the roads during these hours...what has P platers or cars got to do with it??? or if anyone living in industrial areas? Like as if people who have homes so far from the city is because they actually really want it?? do you then not have the brains to understand that people are having homes so far and in industrial areas is because THERE IS NO CHOICE... unless you can pay for the high housing prices closer to the city for them? obviously people will go stay where it gets cheaper so either way they also have to compromise and so does everyone else. I wasn't sure what that weird video rant was about with so much abusing like seriously this person had just lost it, didn't bother to stop and think what it was all about...Now agreed there are still the P platers and all rash drivers anyway... that will not change but really has nothing to do with having or not having trucks during certain hours! The other thing that kept getting pointed out was - prices rise or people getting things on time or people should not buy stuff, mate come on isn't that a bit too far fetched? like as if there is absolutely no way out of the current situation? That's not YOUR decision to make. That is the reason this petition was... to get the councils, governments involved to get them to start thinking how this can be managed? 

Its the people of this so called 'planned city' who make the decisions, for them to come up with a solution on how the times can be managed? when the goods can be delivered and so forth not for you and me to think about and then go crazy over it creating videos and abusing people because they at least bothered to bring it to someones notice. Also please note someone who makes this petition OBVIOUSLY doesn't have to know your industry to know all those intricate details that guy in the video was ranting about... if they knew why would they be so worried about heavy vehicles on the road during rush hours??? 

So yes, I support that petition and hence starting this one because it does need to be brought to the attention of the people who can make a decision, make a change and there is nothing wrong with it. 

PS: frankly there are loads of 'other' things I can highlight about the truck drivers and how 'they' drive and have no courtesy on the roads... but that isnt the point here is it? So its a humble request to all the truckies, calm down its not a personal attack its just a government issue that needs to be dealt with for which WE ALL pay taxes.. you and us included.

Kind Regards









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