Open letter to Vic Mignogna: Start an anime dubbing company!

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Open letter to Vic Mignogna:

Dear Vic Mignogna,

I am deeply sorry that all of this happening to you right now. I grew up watching anime and one of the animes that left quite an impact on me was FMA/FMAB. I've heard you in other works as well but I was still in high school when I first heard your voice. You have the coolest voice anyone can ever ask for and it's because of your voice that I would oddly find myself practicing voice acting. My vocal range can go pretty high so I found it easy to experiment in different tones and accents. Anyways, due to your unfortunate circumstances because of the cancel/cancer culture we live in, I was wondering if you'd like to start an anime dubbing company. Hopefully if FUNimation and Rooster Teeth realize how much they have royally screwed up by firing you and have you back, I'd be happier that way too. But if that's not going to be the case, I would LOVE to work for you for FREE. In fact, anyone who signs this petition would love to to work for you. I hate that you are going through this right now considering you didn't do anything wrong at all related to these allegations and have nothing to apologize for. There is no concrete proof against you rather in fact the opposite. Prrof of fabrication is coming out instead. You were always zany and wild but honestly that's what makes you really special as a voice actor. Most people won't even recognize the faces to some of their favourite voices but your voice and face is something I will never forget and I'm sure many fans feel the same way. I remember watching Ouran High School Host Club and the minute I heard Tamaki speak, I knew it was your voice and only your voice. I also remember watching that horrible Marvel Wolverine anime and I remember instantly hearing your unique voice. Anyways, we're all sad and concerned for you because this wasn't right. You don't deserve this, in fact nobody does. So, from this day forward I will not be watching any dubs that FUNimation produces anymore. They have lost all support from me from the way this situation has been handled. You NEVER threw yourself under the bus and for a fellow friend to even throw you under the bus like that is highly ironic and hypocritical. Anyways, I'm not trying to bash anyone or shame but if you decide to try starting a dubbing studio, I'm sure a lot of us would be glad to help you out in any way possible.


A concerned fan