Extend PC Party leadership voting deadline! My right to vote for DOUG FORD - DENIED!

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Democracy in Canada, founded on the principles of fairness, impartiality and the ability to freely cast a vote, determining who is in charge, leading a government has been put in disrepute by inner Ontario PC Party executives.  This fundamental democratic principle, the right to vote, has been denied to tens of thousands of Ontario PC Party members, who wanted to vote, but did not receive their voting pin in time.  A condition that manipulates the outcome of Ontario's future.  I helped register my mother and father online.  My mother first, my father second.  My father got his pin in 2 days, my mother did not get her's in 4 days! Why?

Insist that Vic Fedeli MPP and interim Ontario PC Party leader extends voting by one week to allow everyone who paid for PC Party membership, who wants to cast a vote IS able to do so.  Call, email and tell Vic Fedeli to do the right thing.  Extend the voting deadline to March 16.  

Constituency Office
165 Main Street East
North Bay, Ontario P1B 1A9
Tel. (705) 474-8340
Fax: (705) 474-9747

Clearly one candidate has been given an unfair advantage, who's supporters registered a long time ago, unlike Doug Ford supporters who scrambled to purchase memberships at the last moment, waited for the mailed verification codes, confirmed it on line, but tens of thousands of paid members did not get their pin number in time, to cast a vote.  Is it any surprise that only one candidate, Christine Elliott, has not voiced concern about this travesty? Why is that Christine?

The future of Ontario is at stake.  OUR future is at stake!  Clearly the people of Ontario want Doug Ford to lead the Ontario PC Party to a June General Election Victory in Ontario!  Doug Ford is the only candidate who will create a path ensuring Ontario, the engine of Canada, is brought back to life, firing on all cylinders, driving Ontario and Canada to be the most successful place on earth!

Vic Fedeli, you have a fiduciary duty as public servant, to ensure democracy prevails.  At the moment, democracy has been greatly compromised.  You must fix that!   

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