Have ViacomCBS bring back Star Trek: Enterprise for new seasons on Paramount+

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Star Trek: Enterprise was cancelled too early into its run. Season 4 showed us that the show was a late bloomer, much like Star Trek: Discovery. Season 4 of Star Trek: Enterprise showed that it had potential to be great, but it was cancelled before it was given the chance it deserved. Ever since Enterprise was cancelled in 2005, more and more people have had an urge for a comeback with the series to Paramount+. It has been proven in the past that once a series is cancelled, nostalgia for it begins to build up, and that nostalgia can power the series to be rebooted successfully. Just take the 2005 reboot of Doctor Who for example, it was cancelled in 1987, and when rebooted became a major success, and the BBC hasn't looked back since. I think that CBS could do the same with Enterprise. With Scott Bakula having finished with NCIS, there is no reason that it can't be done. It would be amazing to fill the 2155 to 2161 holes in the series, and see more of the crew. Other shows have proven that a reboot can be driven with nostalgia, and I as well as many others believe that Star Trek: Enterprise would be a perfect candidate to reboot. CBS listened to us when we called for a Pike series, and we got Strange New Worlds. Let's do it again.