Change the 2018 BET Awards Show title from "Blackanda"

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The title of this year's BET Awards show is a failure to the representation of what is otherwise supposed to be a serious celebration of the accomplishments of our beautiful Black culture. The title itself is non-creative and superficial; "Black" is already implied by "Wakanda", so the fact that they just put the two together calls into question the true intention of the message that is being televised. The purpose of this petition is to urge Viacom and/or BET Network's President Scott M. Mills, to change the name to something that is at the very least, conducive to the purpose of this much-anticipated event. Furthermore, it explicitly serves to initiate a conversation about the direction of Black representation in the media, and how we as a community can change it for the better. #BoycottBlackanda #SignThePetition #RepUsRIGHT

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