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Make more #Canada150 unlimited travel Youth Passes available for $150

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We want more passes for unlimited travel to be made available at the $150 rate. 

And if the issue is about them not having the seats available in July to service the youth, the passes should be made available for the rest of the months in the year. Our country is beautiful YEAR-ROUND and youth would jump at the opportunity to explore it for such a reasonable amount as $150.

It was not made clear that there would be a limited quantity of passes available (in fact, it was said on Twitter responses that there is no limited quantities) and this is lying to the consumer. If I'm at a grocery store, and the price is labelled wrong by one of the store's employees, you speak to a customer service manager and most of the time, to retain loyalty and to accept their own mistake, they honour it.

All we are asking is that VIA Rail honour their commitment to sell their unlimited travel pass in unlimited quantities.

With millions of youth in Canada (source), only 4000 passes were sold. The demand is obviously there - a fantastical Twitter argument as emerged using the hashtags #VIAfail and #VIArail150 to bring attention to the issue.

  • The passes were initially advertised as unlimited travel passes (not just unlimited trips, but also unlimited in quantity)
  • They Tweeted multiple clarifications saying the passes were also UNLIMITED IN QUANTITY (source, source, source)
  • They then changed their stance and said only 1867 would be available (source)
  • And then they apparently increased to 4000 sales, and acted like that solved the problem (source, source, source, source, source)
  • They acknowledged that it went viral, but still are doing nothing to meet the ongoing demand (source, source, source)
  • They were also a bit salty (source) - if it wasn't so upsetting, it would actually be funny
  • The best one is their press release, which does nothing for the consumer - and still thousands of people are taking their rage to Twitter (I won't link those sources - there are too many)

The situation

VIA Rail Canada introduced a promotional product called the Canada 150 Youth Pass, which allowed the riders between the ages of 12 and 25 unlimited travel throughout Canada in the month of July 2017 to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday.

It is unclear when the product was first announced, but shortly after being "live," they Tweeted they were having technical difficulties and that sales were suspended (source).

The next morning they Tweeted that due to high demand, sales were suspended (source) and entire work day passed, after which they Tweeted that the passes were ready for purchase (source).

Since then, this whole ordeal has been a storm of emotions and disappointment (from the ticked off consumers) and a PR nightmare for VIA Rail.

I don't know if this petition would do anything, but what I do know is it would be very costly to them (based on the Twitter response) to lose the loyalties of so many youth, arguably the one of the biggest demographic groups in Canada, and lose their potential future business.

Let's take this back where it started - to CELEBRATE Canada, and to celebrate our youth. Let's try to get more unlimited travel passes for $150 for youth aged 12 - 25 in Canada throughout the year.

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