Please S3 Graphics will you get back into the PC Graphics Accelerator market?!

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Crytpo-mining has driven the prices of Graphics Accelerator cards up so high that the average consumer can no longer afford a new graphics card upgrade (even a low or mid range one) that we have to stay with what we have or purchase second hand graphics cards for our PC gaming rigs which could inevitably destroy the PC gaming market due to lack of choice and availability when it comes to graphics chip manufacturers and technological advances may become stagnate in this space!

I believe there is a historic opportunity and a need for S3 Graphics to get back in the PC Graphics game plus there is also an historic opportunity to make a low cost specific product that can profit from the current crypto-mining market that will not impact the availability and pricing of Graphics Accelerators for PC gamers!

I hope this reaches the management at S3 Graphics and hopefully we will receive a response on this issue.

Yours sincerely, the PC gaming community.