Stop Predator VF Developments, Keep the 920 Everett Tenants in Their Homes

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After fighting off two eviction notices from two different landlords, six Chinatown families yet again are facing eviction. As refugees and immigrants from Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand, many came to the US decades ago, forced to resettle as a result of the war and chaos in Southeast Asia during the 1970’s. They have made Chinatown their home, with some living in the building for up to 14 years. Now, they are being displaced again in the country that helped “resettle” them.

920 Everett has been sold for a second time in the last 6 months.  The new owner is VF Developments, who makes a business of seeking out small buildings across Los Angeles’ gentrifying communities, forcing vulnerable tenants from their homes, making cosmetic changes and then renting the apartments out for double the rate.  On February 13th, the new owners served 920 Everett tenants a 60 day eviction notice, citing “substantial remodeling,” a loophole in the state rent control law. Even a member of the LA City Council admitted - “It is clear that landlords are using this loophole to get around the protections intended for renters under AB1482.”  

VF Developments is the worst kind of developer; they are predators, squeezing out more and more profits at the expense of low and moderate income residents. 

Other properties that VF Developments have bought and forced tenants to leave are in Northeast LA, East LA and Glassell Park. This time the fight is beyond Chinatown, and the 920 Everett Street Tenant Association seeks to organize with other buildings bought by VF Developments. The tenants want to send a clear message to VF Developments - tenants are standing together in solidarity and organizing across ethnic and geographic lines to FIGHT BACK and keep the community in their homes!

The 920 Everett Street Tenant Association demands that the 60 day eviction notice be rescinded so that they can stay in their current homes at affordable rates. 

Please join Chinatown community residents, community organizations and tenant rights groups throughout Los Angeles who have pledged their support and sign this petition! Follow the Facebook page for updates: